The Mapping Exercise

A Freo site specific audio storytelling project.

Stories connect us again, to each other and ourselves.  Just like drawing dotted lines between stars to build an image of an existing constellation, the mapping exercise takes the seemingly isolated pockets of our lives and connects them to create something bigger and more beautiful.

We invite you to listen to human stories of this place, laugh out loud and be moved. You’ll find ridiculous stories, stories of wonder,  stories that hit you in the chest.  Stories so firmly located in place that, when you return, you will always be reminded of them.

Experience the Mapping Exercise via the links below.

Marnie Richardson – artist and producer
Meri Fatin – producer
Anita Walker – producer
Adrian Sardi/Sugarland Studios – mixing and audio

Audience members are advised, due to the personal nature of the project some of these stories contain information that might be upsetting.  Please exercise caution when listening.