Travis Green

Crumbs started as a little 3am poem about a touch of unrequited love that I decided to try and flex my creative muscles and turn into a song, I really didn’t think it was gonna get the run it has so far!

I took it to my friends to see what they thought and they weren’t initially fans of it, thought it was quite boring and so I sidelined the song for about 6 months until I played it recently to a real outstanding reception which gave me that bit of extra belief in myself that the song was actually decent and I should listen to my gut far more in that situation.

Filmed and Recorded July, 2022 on Monument Hill, Fremantle, WA.

Performer: Travis Green (vocals and guitar)

Director / DP/ Gaffer / Camera Op: Amy Haselhurst and Luke Keatinge

Audio Recording: Malcolm Clarke

Audio Mix and Mastering: Joe Leach

Video Edit: Amy Haselhurst and Luke Keatinge

Producer: City of Fremantle – ‘Ofa Fotu

Special thanks to Niki, Yardley, Vida, James and Festivals Team.