Yedi Moort with Walyalup Kannajil

Seven choirs join together to share, translate and celebrate in Noongar language

Walyalup Kannajil is an inclusive community choir based in Fremantle led by Kobi Morrison. This well loved local choir will be joined by a  ‘yedi moort’ (song family) of other local Fremantle and Perth-based choirs including VoiceMale, Radujsja, Chordial Tones, Madjitil Moorna, The New Rechoirments and Koondarm to present a unique night of choral joy at the Fremantle Town Hall. 

Led by director Kobi Arthur Morrison and creative producer Susie Waller the performance is the culmination of many months of collaboration and sharing between all the singing groups. The repertoire will feature original songs by Kobi Morrison and translations of classics such as Blackbird (Waardong) by Paul McCartney, creating a rare chance to enjoy harmony, Noongar language and community all at the same time.

The passionate act of translating iconic tunes into Noongar gives new life and cultural meaning to works. The result balances meaning and history with translations, lyrics and sound. Strong cultural understandings grow from the renewal of classic songs as they shift another cultural gear, changing assumptions to find new forms.

Information & Ticketing


Fremantle Town Hall


Friday 12 August


$20 + BF