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The blazing braziers of 10 Nights in Port 2019 have burned down to glowing embers and we’re still warming the cockles of our hearts with all the wonderful memories: watching the storms roll in to Bathers Beach from a steaming bathtub; turning heads all down High Street in a silver-spangled Wowzzzeee; swaying into the wee hours to the wild abandon of Cinema Prague, the raconteur tales of Cal Kramer or the moving melodies of local Noongar families; gathering close to the storyteller to soak up fantastic tales of intrepid local gardeners, eccentric crabs or dystopian futures.

Wherever we walked in the chill night air of 10 Nights in Port, Fremantle opened up its secret spaces, its historic laneways, clubs, galleries, trams, churches and parks for us to come together and celebrate art, community, music and story by the fireside.

We can’t wait for next year, and we’d love to hear about your favourite wintry moments of the festival.

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About 10 Nights in Port

In our sunlit months, Fremantle is roaring and open. Our food, music, art and culture spill outside as we tread lively paths around the boulevards and beaches. Then as winter approaches, the Indian Ocean turns unpredictable and sends icy messages to bluster down our streets and against our windowpanes: biting gales, grumpy cumulus and spitting rain. As a community, we go inside. The labyrinth of stately, historic buildings, clutching to the shore of this wind-blasted port begins to warm up from the inside out. We light the lamps, tread the old floorboards and reacquaint ourselves with the eccentric, winding interiors of the homes, pubs, halls and stages that have patiently waited for us to return.

 Fremantle in winter is a time to discover the city’s hidden nooks and crannies, to settle in, rummage up some heartening food, sip steaming tonics and swap tales and melodies by the hearth. 10 Nights in Port celebrates the way that the Fremantle community bands together and the city itself seems to draw us close during the cold months.

Over 10 wintry evenings, immerse yourself in a raft of contemporary music, theatre, visual arts, film and live performance created by some of Fremantle’s most prized local acts and a band of international acts swept into our welcome harbour.

Message from the Mayor: 2019

The 10 Nights in Port program foregrounds projects which are one-off, site-specific, locally developed or participatory. Spread across Fremantle’s precincts, they take into consideration the traditions of the local community and the character of its historic buildings. Each part of the festival is carefully woven out of the fabric of this place.

The annual musical treasure hunt of Hidden Treasures opens up some of the city’s longest-running workers’ clubs, bringing together the distinctive taps, carpets and dartboards of Aussie clubhouses with great local music. With Glass Houses & Green Futures, five custom-built artists’ greenhouses will be erected around Fremantle’s community precincts in homage to local, green-thumbed gardening aficionados. All in the Family is a reunion of some of Freo’s best local music dynasties, whose talent and love of local performance venues spans the generations.

10 Nights in Port is a time to celebrate the undeniably special character of Fremantle and the creative community whose music, performances and artworks bring us together.

I am excited to see the Fremantle Festival reimagined for the winter months. I hope you enjoy it.

Brad Pettitt

City of Fremantle Mayor


Tickets are available from this site – click on each event to book. There are many free or low cost events in the program.

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