De Cuba Son

The song is about missing somebody dear on a rainy day and how the sun is always there even when it rains, love and hope.

The two hibiscus paintings on the mantle are by Aisha Valenti, they represent my parents, who passed away last year.

Filmed and Recorded July, 2022 in Sir Frederick Samson Reserve, Samson, WA.

Performers: Arvis Mena Lescay (bass and vocals), Jeremias Sosa (guitar and bvs), Glenn Rogers (guitar), Julius Rogers (drums), Oslu Castañeda (percussion)

Director / DP/ Gaffer / Camera Op: Amy Haselhurst and Luke Keatinge

Audio Recording, Mix and Mastering: Joe Leach

Video Edit: Amy Haselhurst and Luke Keatinge

Producer: City of Fremantle – ‘Ofa Fotu

Special thanks to Niki, Yardley, Vida, James and Festivals Team.