“We Must form an Earth-Company” Vogt 1948

Told through the vision and imagination of CircusWA’s Academy youth performers, ECLIPSE explores a gateway into what our future could, should, would and might just be. Through explorations of unity and diversity, balance and disharmony, trust and compromise, these young artists will ask you to consider our humanity and our fragility and invite you to ponder the question: “what can we build and create together?”

Conceived in WA by MAXIMA Circus’ Sally Richardson, this work’s first presentation was created in 2022 with Australia’s National Institute of Circus Art (NICA’s) students. In 2023, with NICA’s support we are excited to be bringing Sally’s concept back to WA to develop the unique youth voice of this work. Led by an extraordinary team of creatives in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, this is the beginning of a ‘national’ production that will spend the next few years growing and developing across Australia.

We invite you to begin a journey from here and into these young people’s future.

Directors: Ben Sheen and Meredith Kitchen
Asst Director: Steph Pick
Composition: Louis Frere-Harvey
Design: Angelica Rush and Eloise Kent
Lighting: Brooke Wilson

Information & Ticketing


Fremantle Town Hall, 8 William Street, Fremantle


Live Performance
Sunday 13 August
5:30pm & 7pm

Artist Talk
7:40pm, Sunday 13 August


$12.50 + BF


Image: Angelica Rush