Cracks in the topography of our Port City reveal a subterranean world below, hidden in darkness and wreathed in fog. At harbours all around the world such fogs regularly roll in, quietly and ominously, from the sea. In Fremantle things are different. Fog rises upwards to the streets. Unseen vapours are freed into the dark reaches of the night, oozing from long-forgotten limestone tunnels and chambers below, where souls remain trapped, their stories woven into the haze.

Occasionally, local fog activity surges for reasons unknown. The fissures open, and night owls and dawn treaders bare witness. Festival fog spotters will discover untold tales of foggy phenomena captured on film or popping up in impromptu locations throughout 10 Nights in Port. Only the keen-eyed will uncover the secrets that seep through the port town.

Image courtesy Genrefonix

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Fog phenomena, Fremantle’s West End


Friday 12 -Sunday 21 July