Glass Houses & Green Futures

Glass Houses & Green Futures is a celebration of the horticultural knowledge and passion that exists across Fremantle. Conversation and cultivation will take place in five artist-built hothouses, led by the artists and gardening enthusiasts who keep Fremantle green, growing and blossoming. Experience the history of gardening and imagine its future while sharing and exchanging local stories, botanical knowledge, growing skills and plants. The program of events will unfold with the shared knowledge from the people of White Gum Valley Community Orchard, Hilton Harvest Community Garden, Ecoburbia and more.

The glass houses for this project have been designed and constructed by a group of green-thumbed installation artists including Catia Dolzadelli, Claire Bailey, Ricky Gibson, Andrew Sunley-Smith and Pascal Proteau. Each of their site-specific, glass-rooved structures will be used as the location for a series of public sessions across Fremantle and its satellite precincts to honour and expand on the existing culture of gardening, growing and harvesting in our community. Drop by your local public session or make a tour of all five.

Illustration by Kathy Allam, photo by Jessica Wyld

Information & Ticketing

Public Program

2 – 4pm, Friday 12 July

White Gum Valley Community Orchard

3 – 6pm, Saturday 13 July

Hilton Harvest Community Garden, Rennie Crescent North, Hilton

12 – 3pm, Sunday 14 July

Stackwood, 10 Stack Street, Fremantle

6 – 8pm, Wednesday 17 July

Samson Park, Sellenger Avenue

7 – 10pm, Thursday 18 July

Fremantle City Streets