Helen Townsend and The Wayward Hearts

Wayward Heart is the title track from my first EP. It’s a tale of a relationship where one person is hanging on to the hope of rekindling a broken marriage. Struggling with moving on & desperately trying to navigate the dance between grief, love & self preservation, it’s about finding strength to move forward & leave the past behind!

On the mantel there is a selection from my quirky collection of bobble heads, sugar skulls & decorated (fake) bull skulls. I am not too sure why some of these things draw me in, perhaps it’s a mix of my love for all things retro, my misspent youth dancing my way around the Sydney rockabilly scene in the late 80’s & my belief in the need to celebrate life, but they decorate my home & make dusting a whole lot more complicated than it needs to be!

Filmed and Recorded July, 2022 in Esplanade Reserve – Norfolk Trees , Fremantle, WA.

Helen Townsend and The Wayward Hearts are: Helen Townsend (Vocals and Guitar), Shannon Smith (Bass and BVs), Lukas Murphy (Elec Guitar and BVs), Phil Richardson (Keys and BVs)

Director / DP/ Gaffer / Camera Op: Amy Haselhurst and Luke Keatinge

Audio Recording: Malcolm Clarke

Audio Mix and Mastering: Joe Leach

Video Edit: Amy Haselhurst and Luke Keatinge

Producer: City of Fremantle – ‘Ofa Fotu

Special thanks to Niki, Yardley, Vida, James and Festivals Team.