Light Waves

A mesmerising installation invited oceanic respect

LightWaves is a dynamic audiovisual artwork that recreates primal oceanic forces in digital form. Be immersed in projected light and atmospheric sound through a monumental cyclic spectacle of slow-motion waves building and crashing.

LightWaves is a playful reference to the power of the ocean and our relationship with it. Spend time in a virtual ocean, reflecting on its real-life counterpart as an elemental force influencing nearly every aspect of our lives. The work naturally shifts between the calm and turbulence of the ocean it represents. We invite you to dip your feet in.

LightWaves is a monstrous audiovisual creation by Frankensound, with stunning videography by southwest surf photographer, Ren McGann. Sound design by Roly Skender.

Information & Ticketing


Drill Hall, University of Notre Dame, Fremantle

Corner Mouat & Croke Street, Fremantle


Thursday 11 August – 1pm to 7pm

Friday 12 August & Saturday 13 August – 1pm to 9pm

Sunday 14 – 1pm to 7pm

Tuesday &  Wednesday – 1pm to 7pm



Image credit: Frankensound