Makuru Walyalup

Stories of Walyalup are unveiled through the voices and visual projections of local First Nations performers, singers, musicians and visual artists, performances traversing the wild mysteries embedded in the season of Makuru. Stories are the heart of this powerful, joyful and creative connection project.

Artists are brought together in workshops, gatherings, performances and creation spaces to sustain and reveal their storytelling. The program is diverse and uses a multiple platform approach to enable many to participate and perform.

*Makuru is the Noongar word meaning the cold and wet time of the year. It takes place in June to July – it is one of the six Noongar seasons in Western Australia South West region. Walyalup is the Noongar word for Fremantle.

Presented by Boss Arts Creative

Featuring Koolangkas Kreate, Chanel, Onyx featuring Conway Chunnery, Sebastian Critti-Schnaars, Boss Arts Creative and Joel Davis.

Information & Ticketing

Live Performance


The Naval Store, Corner of Canning Highway and Queen Victoria St, Fremantle


5pm, Sunday 18 July


$15 + BF


Waterways by Jade Dolman- lead Artist community canvas

Image credit: Yvonne Doherty