The Mapping Exercise

A Freo site specific audio storytelling project.

Stories connect us.  Just like the invisible lines on a moving sea guiding sailors to land, the mapping exercise charts the endless horizon of our human story.  A drop in the ocean creating something bigger and more beautiful.

We invite you to listen to the human stories of Walyalup waters. To laugh and be moved.

You’ll find ridiculous stories, stories of wonder, stories that hit you in the chest. Stories so firmly located in place that, when you return, you will always be reminded of them.

Experience the Mapping Exercise online and around town. Portraits of story tellers will be posted up around Fremantle with QR codes and you are invited to scan the code to unlock the story.

You can also listen at home with a cuppa when the weather is woolly.

Marnie Richardson – artist and producer
Adrian Sardi/Sugarland Studios – mixing and mastering
Joe Kapiteyn/Red Room Design – graphic design
Mulloway sounds – Courtesy of Miles Parsons, Centre for Marine Science and Technology, Curtin University

These stories were recorded at kitchen tables, in loungerooms and in sheds.  Some contain swearing, some hold space for tears, one has a thunderstorm.  If you listen closely you might hear happy dogs and playing children.