Tina Zando

“Judy” is a deeply personal song about love, loss, and the thrill of bittersweet nostalgia. I wrote this song after a difficult breakup and it’s become a beautiful way for me to look back and smile at the beauty of what was, while I look to the future.

I had a few items with me that hold great value. I had some journals, and some tarot cards with a feminine spiritual focus. These are all symbols of the journey I’ve taken over the past few years, away from who I was, and into a completely new person. I’ve loved exploring different forms of spirituality, and healing deep wounds through journaling and songwriting. I also had a few pictures with me, of my closest friends, and my incredible partner. I love them all so much and I carry their love with me whenever I perform.

Filmed and Recorded July, 2022 in Booyeembara Park, White Gum Valley.

Performers:       Tina Zando, Jamie Searle – guitar

Director / DP/ Gaffer / Camera Op: Amy Haselhurst and Luke Keatinge

Audio Recording: Malcolm Clarke

Audio Mix and Mastering: Joe Leach

Video Edit: Amy Haselhurst and Luke Keatinge

Producer: City of Fremantle – ‘Ofa Fotu

Special thanks to Niki, Yardley, Vida, James and Festivals Team.