After travelling far and wide, Wowzzzeee has come to roost amidst Fremantle’s illustrious and longstanding fashion glitterati to bring you this participatory, thought-provoking performance. The Wowzzzeee installation takes the form of a garment factory, in which audience members will be invited to MAKE or BUY as they interact with the space. Be led on an individualised evening of artisanal knowledge, creative flair, questions of fashion production and Wowzzzeee’s signature “onesies with the WOW factor”.

Wowzzzeee’s performance installation explores the relationship between producers and consumers by getting the audience involved and hands-on, working on a production line of the world’s most glamorous onesies. These are no ordinary jimjams, prepare yourself for artist and designer Adele Varcoe’s sumptuous world of sequins, spangles and iridescent lycra in sizes fit for all, from babies to grandparents!

Wowzzzee has been created by Adele Varcoe in partnership with creative producer Sarah Dalziel, architect Matthew Bird and sound designer Andrew McLaughlin.

Images courtesy Adele Vercoe and Darren Sylvester

Information & Ticketing


Old Customs House, 8 Phillimore Street, Fremantle


Friday 12 July 4-8pm

Saturday 13 July 4-8pm

Sunday 14 July 12-4pm

Tuesday 16 July 4-8pm

Wednesday 17 July 4-8pm

Thursday 18 July 4-8pm

Friday 19 July 4-8pm

Saturday 20 July 4-8pm

Sunday 21 July 12-4pm


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